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Moving to Configuration Manager.. Huge Roadblock

Josh Bridgens

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Hi All,

Not sure if this comes under Configuration Manager or Service Manager's Assets?


We are looking at implementing one departments Mobile Assets into Service Manager to see how it stacks up against our current Method of Asset Tracking... 

We have Super Users within this department who have "control" over our Asset Management as the devices move from one person to another at an alarming rate (high turnover/high staff - nature of the job)

These Users have saved us countless hours of work chasing down asset whereabouts and exchanges between old and new users.


We would like to do a trial run of using old and new systems for one particular area of this department with 2 trusted Super Users we know will be able to keep on top of it.


The only way I can see to give the Super Users ability to select these assets (as well as their own) within the Service Portal is to have them as the owner, which for this purpose we are happy to set, however there is option to only have 1 Owner, which makes perfect sense...


Is there any way for these 2 Super Users to have access to see all their individual Departments Assets, Either through Roles or how the Asset Management is setup?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As Always - Many Thanks,




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