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Business process error when sending emails


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Thanks for the update, it looks like our leaver/starter BPMs could be affected by this as they have the Error Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 's1/flowcode-dd25eaf0-ba90-44c5-4536-27690c47120a': 0200 apps notifyEmailExternalAddress FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/notifyEmailExternalAddress): nodeName: Exception; nodeId: acd1ebbe-1cd9-4aed-bf14-50ce53f9a013; At 303/1: "Uncaught FCSException: The email template specified is invalid. Please contact your Hornbill Administrator." throw(e); _fc_node_exec_acd1ebbe_1cd9_4aed_bf14_50ce53f9a013

Once the first activity is resolved.

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@Ann-MarieJones - as you noticed we have created a separate thread for the issue you reported as it is not related to the issue discussed in this thread:


The reason for the error you encounter is specified in the error message: "The email template specified is invalid. Please contact your Hornbill Administrator.". This means in your process, you have an email node configured with a template that is not valid. My advice is to review your process configuration and ensure all email nodes are using valid email templates.

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Thank you @Victor,

I have taken a look at the business process for New Starter and Staff Leaver process, as these are the BPMs with the errors.  The error occurs once the 'Review the details supplied' Activity is completed and the email node that follows is 'Email Multiple External Addresses' 



I have checked the email templates in Admin and can see they haven’t been updated since 28/09/18 and are still valid.


I have also checked the email recipients and they are live mailboxes  .An example call is



Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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