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Columns in "My Activities"


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We utilise activities largely, whether they're generated from business process, or raised from assets, or even raised without a linked entity.

We cannot see a column in the "My Activities" area that lists who the requester or creator of the activity is. Is there a setting I can enable to amend the columns available in the "My Activities" list, or is it not possible ?



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Hi @Lauren

The creator of an activity is added as the owner of the activity.  When you create an activity it default to be assigned to yourself and in this situation you are both the owner and the assignee.  If you create an activity for someone else to complete, you are the owner but the assignee is the person that you assign the task to.

If an activity is created by a BPM workflow operation, the owner default to a system account, but this can be set to be a particular user if desired.  

Let us know if this is what you are looking for.




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