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@Logan Graham - if I am reading this correctly, I think Chris is actually asking something else... So Chris wants a task to be completed before the request is assigned to another team... The assignment is not necessarily made by the process, the request can be manually assigned by an analyst using request actions, something that Chris does not want to happen... so, if I am right, then there is (should be) a way, but I need to have a look at the process (if possible) to see how this can be done... but theoretically it could be done if we are clever with the process... 

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@chriscorcoran - ok, I will think of how it can be implemented most elegantly (as it can be a bit messy or not that elegant)...

Meanwhile, thinking of "I need the 1st line team to do something before they can assign to second line" ... would locking and unlocking actions on a request, from within a process work for you? You could lock assignment, have the 1st line team do what they need doing, then unlock the assignment? This is described in a bit more detail here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow (the "Access Control" section). As mentioned there it won't work if your users have the full access rights, but I am not sure what roles your users have...

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