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Custom Button in Asset Management

Giuseppe Iannacone

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Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

Great to see you using the custom buttons.  Then can be really useful.  I'll start with seeing about getting the serial number added.  It may depend on if this is part of the general fields.

You are right that it would be useful to have all the fields available.  Between the different classes of assets there are hundreds of these, so we would need to look into providing something that detects the class of asset and then load all the fields associated to that asset.  There will be some fields that wouldn't make sense such as anything containing long text strings like the description.



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@Giuseppe Iannacone

In regards to the question "and generally speaking why we can have all the field as variables", there are potentially hundreds of variables that *could* be included, it would be very inefficient to load all information into the browser "just in case" you make use of one value, this is why we have a pre-defined subset.  Just let us know what you need and we can update this.  If this list ultimately gets too big we would need to change the way it works. 


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