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Associate a main Contact to a Site


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Hi guys, 

I am not sure if this is already a feature but after doing some digging around I cannot find anything available. 

It would be great if we could associate a "main contact" (internal staff member) to a site and then be able to use this as a variable for example to use within emails if correspondence needs to go out quickly via some sort of automation. It would also act as a nice "who to speak to" for any staff members using Hornbill and have access to sites. 



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Hi @Jack_Podmore

Thanks for your post.  There isn't currently a field on the Site to store a contact name.  As sites can be used by different apps and for different purposes, a main contact may be different for different scenarios or apps.  So, to look at this from a Service Manager perspective there may be a couple of options available,  however this could be made more challenging if you have a large number of sites.

Once the site is stored against the request you can use this information within your BPM to take actions using the available operations.  For example starting with the Request Get Info operation to retrieve the site associated to a request, you could then used a decision node to perform a different operation for each site.  This might be to use the operation to add an Connection to the request.  You can create a connection type on the request called Site Manager. An added benefit to this is that you could add more than one person that is responsible for that site.  Once they are listed as a connection you can either automate emails to Connections within the BPM workflow, or there is an option on the Email Action to manually email Connections of a particular type.

Documentation on Connections can be found here.

Let us know if you think this will help or if you have more questions about the set up.



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