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Error: The specified task is configured to not allow completion, if progress is not 100%


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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

I believe that this refers to a check list that has been defined on the activity.  If you were to go back to the activity using the BACK button you may find that there is an incomplete checklist. 

Activities can be configured so that all the items on the checklist must be completed to ensure that all of the work has been done before the activity itself can be completed.  



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@Shamaila.Yousaf - as advised on the support request, we have fixed the error on the activity and completed successfully. To fix the business process going forward this is what needs to be done:

In the "Fulfilment and Closure" stage, edit the "Check Line and Handset availability" task. You will notice that "Do not allow task completion..." option does not have a checkbox displayed because there are no checklist items configured:


The issue is that there is a checkbox actually but is not displayed (this is intended, as there is no checklist configured) and the checkbox is actually checked! (this is not intended). To uncheck the box you would need to add a "temporary" checklist, a group and item will suffice, and they can be anything as we will delete this checklist afterwards and then uncheck the option. Steps as follows:

1. Click on "Manage Checklist" button to add a checklist.


2. Add any group and any item. Literally, anything will do (we won't keep this checklist). Apply the changes.


3. After you click "Apply" you will notice that the "Do not allow task completion..." option now does have a checkbox displayed and it's checked.


4. Uncheck the option


5. Go back to "Manage Checklist" and remove the previously created checklist.

The error should no longer occur going forward when completing this task. The error occurred because that option was checked and not having any checklist something I am not entirely sure how it came to be since when removing a checklist will automatically uncheck this option... I have tried different scenarios in my attempt to replicate this but I was unsuccessful. Perhaps mention this issue and outcome to Daniel on your next session, perhaps he has more information on how this came to be.

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