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Add fields to the 'Log Request' node

Dan Munns

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Can we have some fields added to the 'Log Request > Known Error' node? 

I am trying to get our Problem request to log a new Known Error if a workaround has been found. However I cant get it to log the request with all the required information. 

RCA and workaround are missing from the node. Being able to set this via a human task to capture these before the log request node makes sense to me, rather than having the BPM log the request and then having to go into the KE and add more info. 

Screenshot added for a little more clarity



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Hi Dan,

I'm pleased to let you know that the above requirement is now available in Service Manager build 2164 and newer.  In addition to this, a Root Cause field has been added to Problem Records, so you will be able to use variables from your problem records in order to populate both Workaround and Root Cause when creating your KE.

Hope this helps



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