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Trigger on team assignment


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Hi all,

Our Service Desk team handle all incoming requests, but in instances where we need to assign a Service Request to the Business Systems team we want the BPM to add it to the Business Systems team Trello board as a card. The question is therefore whether it's possible to trigger an action (Integration call to Trello) when a Service Request is assigned to the Business Systems team? I think this could be done with a human task, however I wanted to know whether we could automate it in anyway without requiring any additional action from the analyst on the Service Desk.

Thanks in advance

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@dwalby as James highlights above you can fully automate this from the business process engine using the iBridge Trello option.  This is one of the iBridge chargeable options and as such if you are invoking more than 10 chargeable iBridge calls per month, you would need an iBridge Subscription to utilise this feature.  You can of course trial and test this using your free 10 iBridge options invokes which you can do per month. 

As well as the option to fully automate this in the business process engine, we also recently introduced the option to invoke the ibridge options i.e add a card to a trello board from a custom button on a request (this would allow the agent to assign it manually at any time).  The custom button changes also allow you to only display custom button's under configured circumstances such as Catalog Item is x, or Status is y, so you can control when it will be displayed and can be used (if of course you wanted a manual option)


Hope this helps


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