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Customer Portal - Request Type/Catalog Display Order

Martyn Houghton

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The Customer Portal at the moment appears to group the catalog display order by Request Type and then the order of the catalog items as per the Request Type.

At the moment it appears to sort the Request Types alphabetically. We are in the process of enabling the display of change requests on the portal, so we are seeing all the change request catalog items appear first and then the incident ones.

Could there be a setting added to allow us to configure the order of request types as they as displayed on the portal? In our case we would want to show them in the order Incident, Service and Change, but having a user configurable setting would allow people to set there own preference on their instance.



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Guest Paul Alexander

@Steven Boardman........I realise that there is some work going on with the 'new' Portal, so maybe this is part of that work? BUT.......is there any news on being able to sort and control the order of CI's automatically please? What we'd like is to be able to sort them by 'most popular' (so the requests which are used more often are moved to the top of the list if possible?)





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