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Asset Management: Upload CSV issue

Giuseppe Iannacone

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@James Ainsworth I'm referring to the Upload Asset from the Asset Management within Hornbill user app.
we are using both tools for real, the idea is to use the upload asset in the asset management the very first time we bought a new computer and then keeping it update thanks to the import tool with the SCCM sync.
My impression is that the UsedBy is filled but looking at the co-worker property there's no evidence that the asset is linked to him.
For example this asset is used by V******a, but there's no evidence in its profile (My Asset section is missing)



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Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

One thing to check out first.  The My Assets is a view that I believe is only available to the user when viewing their own profile.  To view all the assets belonging to a user you will need to user the Asset List.  To see if the association is working from the import, you should be able to see a linked user on the Asset List under Asset Management.

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