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Just wondering if anyone could help. Looking at one of our mail routing rules it seems to be monitoring both mailboxes rather than the one selected. 




Instead of just looking at our customer service mailbox it has applied the rule to the service desk mailbox as well. We noticed this when an email sent to SD had been automatically deleted and after checking the logs we can see this rule is the reason why.

206101 14/01/2019 10:55:31 info system 8632 Mail routing rule [2] applied, delivering message to the (Customer Services-Deleted Items) mailbox instead of the default (Service Desk-Inbox) mailbox

Can anyone advise why this might be. Thanks.

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@PeterL - ok, thanks, I think I understand what you meant and what is going on... so:

22 hours ago, PeterL said:

Instead of just looking at our customer service mailbox it has applied the rule to the service desk mailbox as well.

This is correct. When evaluating emails, Hornbill mail service and mail routing engine "does not care" about what the intended mailbox is/was. It will process all incoming emails to all existing mailboxes. To have specific rules for certain mailboxes then this needs to be reflected in the routing rule expression. If you look at the list of available variables to be used in the expression you can see you have a "mailbox" available. 


This can be used to achieve the mailbox separation you are looking for. As such, your expression will become something like:

subject LIKE 'Undeliverable%' AND mailbox = '<mailbox_name>'

The <mailbox_name> needs to be the name of your mailbox. Please note this is the Mailbox, not the Display Name! ("Customer Services" in your screenshot is the display name, not the actual name of the mailbox)

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