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Allow analysts to change visibility of others timeline updates


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We have set default visibilities for timeline updates
Sometimes this needs to be changed and it would be good if this was not limited to the analyst creating the note. This is specially valid when updates are made by the System, for example email routing rules. If emails come from one of our suppliers we want to filter the info before informing customer.
Is there a role or permission that can be added to the analysts to allow this?

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Now I have compared Admin role, which does not allow timeline visibility changes, to super user role which does and as far as the UI shows they are identical except Admin had a few permissions more.

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@James Ainsworth

Could any of the developers shed some light into this. It's a problem when supporting systems (Jira) or external partners email the Hornbill Service Manager and the emails can be seen by external customers in the timeline which we don't want. The problem is we cannot set default view to team because some emails we require to be seen by customers so the opposite would then apply.

Perhaps we can create a custom role that has database update permissions on the tables needed but I would then need a hint on what tables are used for this.

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