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Searching by Handle


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We've found a slight anomaly when searching for people in Service Manager. To aid my explanation, a bit of context - our users' handles have the format "FirstName LastName ID" (the ID is the same as the User ID).

When searching for an analyst by ID (as that's what we use to login to our network) in the customer details progressive capture form, you have to type the whole of the ID, rather than part of it. However, when searching for analyst when assigning a request, you can enter part of the ID and the user is returned. If you enter the same part of the ID in the customer details progressive capture, it doesn't return any results.

Is there a setting I need to enable to ensure the same results are found?



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Hi @Lauren

I'm trying to run some tests to get an understanding of what is happening.  

On the Customer Search Progressive Capture form the Handle + (user ID) are both searched.   In this example I have renamed this user's Handle to User Handle.  It shows that I have type only part of the ID, highlighting the 3 character match.  If I had a large number of users that have an ID that starts with ann then I would continue to type until the search results narrow down to display the user that I'm after.


While searching on the assignment Progressive Capture Form, even though the display of the name is slightly different (no ID displayed), it works as you described.

However, I did notice that on the Customer search in this example I had to start at the beginning of the ID (example: ann) but if I tried starting from somewhere else other than the beginning I had no results (example: nab).   Is this is what you are experiencing?  Allowing for search results to work with any part of the ID does have some implications as it would return users that have your search text anywhere within their ID and the potential of producing much larger results.   For the customer search you may be working with 10's of thousands of customers while with  assigning the request, the teams may contain just a handful of users.

I'll see what options we have with this.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

Yes, that's exactly what we're experiencing. Our staff IDs are eight digits long formally, however we tend to shorten these to the last five digits (as the first three are a prefix to identify which part of the organisation the staff member works for). This is why it would be helpful if we could search on any part of the ID, as we see with the assignment.

Please do let me know if there is any further info you may require


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Hi @Lauren,

There are two reasons for the names being searched from the beginning. Previously we offered results from any part of the name but customers complained because it would return too many results and that required people to type much more accurate queries to get what they wanted. 
The second reason is efficiency. Searching from the middle makes the query run very slow making it frustratingly slow.

Hope you understand.



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