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View Activities within the Request list


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Is it possible to see activities assigned to your team with in the request list, with the toggle ability that there for the other types (IN, SR, CH etc)

We tend to work directly off our request list so it becomes an after thought to go and view the activities via the activities screen / tab on the right hand side.




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Hi @Joanne

At the moment the request list is only capable of displaying requests.  Activities and Requests would not be able to coincide on the same list as they contain very different data.  Activities can also be created for doing work that has no relation to requests or providing support and may have been created from a different Hornbill App.  The purpose of the Activities page and the Right Hand Panel is to provide a view where users can view, manage, schedule all of their activities independent of which app they originated from.  Having Activities on the request list would require a button and extra click to switch the list to show the activities rather then using the right hand panel which can be always visible. 

Something that has been discussed before was to provide some way to show that a request in the request list has an Activity that is waiting to be completed.  The may be a column with a simple flag to say that the request has a task that is due.  Would something like this help?



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