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Review and Update Asset via BPM


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Is there a way we can update the Assets via the BPM. I have a decommissioning processes so would like to auto update the state once the tasks have been completed.

I would also like to use the information regarding the asset in my BPM, for example use the CI name in a task description or make a decision if its a windows or a linux box etc, but don't seem to be able to pick this asset information up from up from my BPM




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Hi @Joanne,

This has been raised a number of times on the forums. Hornbill did respond in those occasions and have said it's on the cards.

I believe one of the responses was introducing the concept of primary assets and secondary assets linked to a request which will allow these assets to be updated via the BPM... Which is one of the solutions they will offer (hopefully).

The other solution i think was mentioned was the ability to bulk update all assets linked to a request, which is perfect for decommissioning and disposal in bulk.

I am currently on my phone and struggling to do a search to link into this message but there are posts on the forum about this request.

Someone from Hornbill may be able to clarify if things have changed or these features are being worked on.

There is hope :)




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