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Unreachable node issue in a business process


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Hi @Victor

I seem to have the same thing as in this post 

I had a few issues after a node pinged off into infinity, past the point the scroll bar could get to (I think this was when expanding a group). 

I copied as much as I could and started a new BPM. For a while this did not save at all and so to retain my progress on it I saved the stage as a template. 

Since then I've managed somehow to get the BPM to save again but this last node is unreachable

Can you work your magic or tell me what to delete out of the text file? - attached




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@LawesD - ultimately I was unable to fix the process so I had to pass this to our BPE developers. They identified a set of nodes that were belonging to a group which did not exist anymore and this is why they were not visible. They implemented a fix in the next admin tool update which will make such "orphaned" nodes visible so they can be edited by a process designer.

Meanwhile, I have cleaned up the "SITS" process in your instance (the "Data Migration" stage). I have created a "Hornbill" copy of the process for this purpose. One thing remains in this process which is to think of how the "Developer Stage" is configured because it does not have a "Go To Nex Stage" node, something that is required...

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**Celebratory Noises**

I've managed to get the Hornbill draft to save with no errors!
Thank you very much for sorting out the bad stages, and for passing it on to be fixed fundamentally. 

I need to make some other changes to the process but I'm staying far away from any groups going forward. 



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