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Capture design - add Email as a source


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When designing a progressive capture, we can have different questions based on if the source is the Service Desk or Portals. This is really handy, and would now like to be able to do the same for if the source is via Email.

Please could the option for Email be added, so we can branch off and include the Request Details form if we are logging a request via email?

Many thanks,

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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for this please.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but we always get asked for the 'Summary' and 'Description' fields when we log a request from email (we just use the same generic PC for these requests, so the Summary and Description are automatically added from the email, but when we switch the capture when a Service is selected, we get asked for this info again).

Quick update here: I've just looked and managed to do this by adding a branch where the source is NOT Portal AND source is NOT Service Desk......but it'd still be better for a source to 'be' email I think


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Guest Paul Alexander

Looking at this again...my 'update' (above) doesn't work! Presumably the Progressive Capture only has two 'source type' options (Portals and Service Desk) so there isn't a way of branching off if the request is being logged from Email.


So.....yes, as with @Alisha - could we have a separate 'source' option of email please, so that calls logged from an email can branch off separately?



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