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Requests raised via email


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When logging requests via email, we have the opportunity to amend the details so that only the relevant information shows in the Description field, which is helpful to second line and third line teams.

Please could I request that the original email is also copied to the timeline so that we have a record of what the customer has said for auditing purposes, in the same way that all other updates are currently added to the timeline?

I understand that we can right-click and select ‘View Email’ to open the original email. However, this will no longer show when the original email is deleted.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Alisha

There is a setting that lets you define where the emails are sent to after they have been raised as a request or added as an update to a request.  The default is set to Deleted Items

I would recommend creating a folder within your Mailbox for emails that have been used for updating and raising requests can be moved to and then change this setting to match the name of the folder.  This will keep the emails out of the Deleted Items folder and help prevent their removal.



Hope this helps.



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