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Customer Portal Search isn't searching organisation's tickets


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Hi Team,

I've had a bit of a look around, but cannot see if this has already been logged.

When an external customer searches for a phrase in the customer portal, it will only search the tickets that the customer is an owner of. It does not appear to search for tickets if a different customer within the same organisation logged the ticket.

i.e: - a search for 'Invoice not downloaded' which we know to be: IN00000687


I was logged in as myself and was unable to find the ticket.

However, when I logged in as 'UK_Review' (a test account and the creator of the ticket: IN00000687), I was able to see the ticket:


Many thanks,


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We have the same issue. I believe if you enter the incident reference it will still find it.

Having the option in the Search to search your own request and also Organisation requests would be great help to encourage customers to use the portal rather than calling or emailing the service desk.



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