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Catalog item not showing


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I have created a service in the service portfolio. from the below you can see i have made sure  the CI is visible in the portals and are published.
However in the customer portal it says no catalog item is set against it !?!

I created a fresh TEST service and CI just to make sure and that didn't work either, however Samwoo tested his and and it works so i guess its localized just to me?
I then added a new CI to another existing service and it shows up.... I suspect the head cold i have has gotten the better of me and i making a stupid mistake...?!?!<_<

also important to note this error is only on the self service portal as we can rasie a ticket against this service and ci on the analysts side.



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Hello @J_Tamburrini

is the catalog item for Changes. If YES, then you need to enable the app-setting below in order to see it, because if you are not allowed to raise changes from the portal then the catalog for changes are not visible. 




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