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Routing Rules - Update Request Visibility Override

Martyn Houghton

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Following on from our example in @samwoo post below, we would like the ability to override the system default for the visibility of emails applied to the Service Request timeline via the Email Routing Rules. We have the system setting default as customer, which is what we want for the majority of our emails, however for internal emails, as well as not updating the status of the request we also want to override the visibility in the rule that processed these messages to be 'Team'.



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We had something similar to users requesting us to release mails that have been held by our mailgates.  If the user had an out of office alert on and was notifiied that a mail had been held, it would automatically log a call.  We then amended the routing rule to subject LIKE 'RE: Mail Held%'  instead and this did the trick.

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