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Temporary date-bound SLAs


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One of our clients has requested extended hours cover for a period of time. I've created a new working time calendar and SLA but it seems that for the rules I can't add "Date logged" as a condition, so for example if a ticket was logged during this period and it's for client A, use this SLA, else use the standard SLA.


Even if I was able to add a date logged condition, would it be possible?

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Hi @IntegraGreg

The scenario you outline would work if "Date Logged" was an available option, but currently we do not have that available for SLA rules.  We already have a change request raised for adding further fields to enhance the flexibility of the rules based on the post below, so I will include your suggestion within the requirements for this change and add you as an interested contact so that you are notified when this is progressed.

Kind Regards,



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