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Issue with BPM - External Contact


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Hi guys, 

We have released an external portal today to external contacts in order for them to log tickets on our instance. 

The BPM seems to be failing when trying to send an email to the contact when the variable is set to "auto", if we set this to a contact manually as a test this works. All contacts have the "email" field completed. 

The logs are attached. 

Is anyone able to offer any guidance please? 

A example from our instance (phservicedesk) is: SR00001629



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Hi @Jack_Podmore! When using a BPM operation, a red marker against the input requires you to change it from Auto to Manual and then enter the address. Auto will only work if there's an existing parameter with the same ID which will all depend on the rest of the process. You can also use variables when it's been changed to manual so if the information is already available you can just inject when you need it. Hope that helps.

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Hi @Chaz

Thank you for your input on this! 

We have done some more testing and have changed this to manual, the problem is when using the "Email Contact" task you have to set a manual contact - this won't work for us as there are different contacts who will hit this BPM. 

We have changed this to "Email External Address" and "Customer Details" and have tried to find a relevant variable for "Contact Email" - "Customer Primary Email"/"Primary Email Address" doesn't seem to work. 

Any idea's? :(


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