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insert image into email templates


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Morning folks and Merry Christmas to you all

Hopefully this is an easy one


I want to add a banner "image" into one of my email templates.

using the image properties can i point the URL to a location such as my desktop or network share where the image sits or does it need to be a web facing ?

i did try to just copy and paste it but that didn't work either.... any ideas where i am going wrong on this?



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@J_Tamburrini if you're using this option, then yes the URL should be a public facing link. If you close that popup though, you can paste images into the editor.

You'll have to copy the image after opening it in Paintbrush, Photoshop or something similar, but you should be able to just paste it in but you shouldn't use images that are too big, just for smaller ones.

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Hi  @J_Tamburrini ,

What is the image url and is it public. It has to be a http url. Can you test with a public image url like https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/11/Test-Logo.svg

Browser security models can prevent network drive images from loading as browser is having to access the users OS. 

You basically have to guarantee that who ever receives the email has access to the image url via their browser.



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@J_Tamburrini apologies, pasting in images won't work. When I tested it, it appeared that it worked but it was actually putting the link to the image I'd chosen instead of the image itself. Chrome doing something 'clever' I guess. Sorry about that. As mentioned above, a publicly accessible image would be the best way forward here.

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