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Unable to search for Change Requests via Global Search box


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Hi @Ann-MarieJones thanks for the post, could you provide a little more info on the users who are not able to search for Change Requests?

1. Is it the global search bar at the top of the UI or the search option on the request list?

2. If the global search and in the drop down do they have the change request filter option available?

3. When they search are they not getting any CH results back?

In my test below i am using the global search and have the change option and am seeing change results back.


4. Do you know if you have the following setting enabled?


With this enabled, searches would only return requests (CH) which the user had the rights to view, based on team memberships and the services against which the changes were raised?

So in scenario, different users would get different search results back based on the teams they belong to, the services those teams support and of course which services the CH's had been raised against.

Sorry for all the questions but just looking to pinpoint the issue for you


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