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Authorisation by Email for Basic Users


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Hi Please can someone advise me how to set up authorisation by email for basic users.  At the moment I can only choose Full Users to authorise.

As part of the sales process I was told that authorisation via email could be set up.




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Hi @Steffen

You are correct that authorisations by email can be enabled, however this is not available to basic users.  To be part of an authorisation process, you need to have at least a Collaboration license.

The email authorisations can be enabled  using the following settings within the Administration Portal, under Hornbill Service Manager->Application Settings





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@Steffen in order for the business process to automate the approval process then as James mentions the approvers would need to be collaborator subscribers not basic users.  I can only assume the approach put forward was that of automated sending of an email from the business process using the option Request > Send Email Notification > Customer to the basic user customer using an email template which would include the details of the information / decision needed from the customer. 

One additional action in the business process maybe to put the request on hold awaiting response

If the customer responds to the email, the email will be added to the request automatically, and if on hold as suggested above the request would come back off hold and the owner of the request notified.  

The owner would then review the email response from the customer and manually progress the process accordingly if approval was given or rejected. 

One approach to achieve this would be to have a task appear after the off-hold action mentioned above and the two outcomes the owner could choose from would be something like - customer approved or customer rejected. and then branch off each outcome to do whatever you needed to do in your process. 

Hornbill offers various ways to interact with a request via email and basic users can certainly do the above via email.  Over and above this there is our formal automated approval methods which automate the full end to end piece for collaborator approvers, including approvals via the native iOS or Android apps. 

I hope this helps but i am sure the sales team can discuss any concerns you may have


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