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BPM - Post to Public Workspace - Limitations or bug?


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I am using the "post to public workspace" automated task in most of our BPMs with the below config:



As you can see, it is a pretty straight forward setup.

I noticed recently that not all P1 calls make their way to the workspace... Looking deeper into the details, I also noticed that only calls raised by users get published. Now this is a problem if a basic user (e.g. customer) log a request via the self service portal! 

Is this a limitation of the method? Or a bug? (I really hope for the latter, otherwise I am screwed)


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Hi @Lyonel

To be honest, I'm not so sure it is either bug nor limitation.  I'm assuming that this is related to our security model and this particular operation just needs to be looked at and cater for this particular scenario.  I've mentioned this to the development team and we should get some feedback from them.



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Hi @Lyonel,

I'm sure I've given you many Service Manager gifts in the past but consider this one your Christmas treat...

Fixed in the next Service Manager build, due to be made available on Monday 17th.



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