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Closed requests - can be re-opened


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We have an issue whereby tickets which have been closed (either by the customer or by the business process) and my understanding was that once a ticket is closed it cannot be re-opened.

We have a few examples of tickets at status closed which the analysts can re-open.

Is there any way to stop this?




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Hi @Ria

The ability to re-open a closed request is based on rights.  Here are some of the rights for the Incident Management Full Access role which includes this right.


The Incident Management User  role does not include this right.


If you do not wish for users to re-open requests, you may need to revisit the roles that these users have.  Even without these rights for the users, the BPM can be designed to re-open a request.  For this you would need to look at your workflows to identify if there are any scenarios where this has been configured.

I hope this helps.



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