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We're trying to configure a role that applies to our IT Department's mailbox. We would like most of the teams within IT to be able to send from the mailbox and view emails (and associated attachments) from requests. We don't however want them to be able to access the mailbox. I have tested the rights on the roles and cannot find a way in which the above is possible. I've currently configured it as below - but this means that analysts cannot view emails/attachments from requests.

Is anyone able to advise how I can achieve this?



email roles.PNG

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I do not believe you can restrict their access to the actual mailbox at the moment, only the actions there are permitted to do.
This is in a similar vain to our post below where we want to hide the mailbox unread emails from the notification bar at the top from our 2nd Tier analyst who do not administer the mailbox.




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