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Scdedule a new incident or service request

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I know there is the scheduled jobs feature in service manager, but this doesn't give the same functionality in an activity as you get in a request. In Supportworks it was possible to raise a new incident or service request, fill in the details and then save it as a scheduled calls. This allowed the analysts easily add attachments, updates, send emails etc. This isn't easily possible, or not at all, with scheduled activities in Service manager. 

Are there any plans to expand on this feature in Service Manager? Thanks


Andy Hodkinson

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@AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT thanks for the post - are there specific examples of things you are looking to schedule?  Typically an Incident would be a reactive break fix and a service request could be a fulfilment of something.  Typically we see scheduled tasks being things like - daily checks for back-ups etc where activities are hopefully well suited. 

That said and ahead of your examples, there is an option open to you to create scheduled requests .

You could utilise the business process option for the auto-creation of new Incidents, Service Requests etc in-conjunction with say the on-hold until feature.   So you could have a master ticket which runs the process which schedules the creation of these tickets.  

It is a little long winded but basically you could start a process which creates the first ticket, and then maybe is put on hold for say 24 hours, then put it into a suspend await off hold option, and when off hold - raise the next Inc / Service Request etc and then immediately put it back on hold for say the next 24 hours.

Another option is to use the task and Expire option, so that it waits for a task to expire and then use the raise new request and follow this with another task and another Expire period 

Basically with both approaches you are in effect creating a loop and you can configure this to just run and run and create the required Incidents / Service Request for you at the required times. 

It is a little long winded and you want to be careful when building it, not to put it into an infinite loop where it is just creating requests one after the other but if you are comfortable working with the business process engine and expiry / on hold until logic this might be a workaround for now for you.

The other option could be to use the log request API and fire a little script off a windows scheduler event on a daily, weekly etc basis


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