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Good afternoon

I'm enjoying the new service availability metrics, but am slightly frustrated that you can't adjust the dates of the outages. This would be useful in circumstances such as when something failed in the middle of the night. Or a team resolve an issue but neglect to to inform the service desk. While education can help the latter issue, the former is somewhat insurmountable in our environment.

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Apologies if this is thread hijacking but I think this is around the same topic as the OP.

I've come across the same limitation while I've been looking at availability reporting. If this functionality is being expanded on can I please request the option of configurable outage types? For example "Full outage / Partial Outage / Degraded Performance"

Also, I can't seem to find how to edit a service status "Available / Impacted / Unavailable" from BPM?  If there is a P1 / P2 Major Incident type scenario it's annoying to manually have to update the portal to inform users that a service has been impacted.

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