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Resolving request with FAQ - Notification formatting


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One of the many great features of Hornbill is the ability to resolve a request using an existing FAQ.

However, if the FAQ contains formatted text or images / videos, it becomes a bit useless :( Indeed, the rich text will not display properly in the resolution box. Same issue with the email that can be sent (via BPM).

I already mentioned that to some of the Devs and product specialists. This needs to be fixed to make full use of the feature.

I would like to extend this topic to other customers and get your feedback too:

When using a FAQ to resolve a request, could we possibly include the URL to the FAQ too? The idea would be to make it obvious to the customer that the answer was readily available from the beginning? It could something as simple as : [Source: https://service.hornbill.com/XXX/servicemanager/service/99/faqs/]

What do you think?

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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for this.

We've noticed that the lack of rich text support is a bit of a disappointment too. The idea of a link direct to the FAQ is good too.....just another little 'nudge' to get the users trying to help themselves first!



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