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Error opening Board


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Hi @dwalby

I take it that this is the only Board that is affected?  I'm going to guess that a particular card on this board has somehow had an invalid character added that is not supported.

If you have access to Database Direct you could have a look at the cards that are associated to the board to see if there is anything that stands out.  I wouldn't recommend changing anything using Database Direct, but it may give us something to work with.  

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As @James Ainsworth says this likely caused by a missing or unsupported value in the key field (which is used to link the board to another entity such as Service Manager Request), probably this card has not been created correctly or has become corrupted somehow - I've made some changes so that this should not stop the board from being opened which will be available in the next release of Board Manager which we hopefully be available in a few days


Trevor Harris

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