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Next Milestone project Portfolio view


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Hello support,

can you please help me with the logic behind this point? So my question which entries in the milestone are relevant for this view?

I think it is only the sequence of the milestones in the project himself, but this make for me not really sense because in a portfolio view i would like to see

the next milestone i working on and should be finished next, therefor a sorting of date maybe helps...what do you think?


Best Regards





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Hi @Nikolaj

Thanks for your post.  

I can see that having some visibility of the when the Milestone is due within this view would be useful.  A milestone that shows little progress, but has a due date coming up soon could help someone with their priorities.  

I'll feed this back to the development team to see if something like this could be included.  



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@Nikolaj apologies, I never answered your original question did I :-(

The logic behind the milestone shown is as follows: It's the highest ordered milestone that is not 100% complete in its progress and is also not 'Completed' in it's status.

In this example, if I was to move the milestone 'Build Servers' to the top of the order, this milestone would be displayed in the project portfolio view, instead of the Complete Data Backups milestone.



Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.06.47.png

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