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Record States that are not 0, 1 or 2

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I have been checking some assets by creating a report and found that 5 of the assets have a 'Record State' value of -1. I thought the 'Record State' values were either 0 (current), 1 (active) or 2 (archived).

Is this likely to be a hang-on from when records were copied over from the Windows version of SupportWorks to the web based one or does this '-1' state mean something else?

I am more curious than anything, but from an auditing point of view it would be good to know.



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Hi @TomW

I'm not aware of anything in the app that would set this value to -1.  I would assume, as you have done, that this is a result of the import and a Service Manager Asset Status is yet to be applied to any that are currently showing -1




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