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Record States that are not 0, 1 or 2


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I have been checking some assets by creating a report and found that 5 of the assets have a 'Record State' value of -1. I thought the 'Record State' values were either 0 (current), 1 (active) or 2 (archived).

Is this likely to be a hang-on from when records were copied over from the Windows version of SupportWorks to the web based one or does this '-1' state mean something else?

I am more curious than anything, but from an auditing point of view it would be good to know.



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Further to my query above, I ran the report again and found that a few more items were on the list compared to the last one. These assets were created recently.

I then had a go at adding an asset and found out that if I didn't enter a value for the 'Record State' then it defaulted to a value of -1.

Is it possible to set the 'Record State' field for an asset as mandatory so the person adding it has to set it to either 'Current' (0), 'Active' (1) or 'Archived' (2)?

This would force people to enter the value and allow us to monitor our assets better.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @TomW

There is an option on each Asset Type where you can make fields mandatory.  Does this do what you are looking for?  


When adding an asset the mandatory fields are marked in red, and the user will be prompted to add the information before saving, if they have left it empty.



Let us know if this helps.



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