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multi site changes


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I’m in the midst of a business process creation for a multi-site change. 
The thing I’m after is how can i get at least one member of each site(5sites) to be set as an approver for a change.

Without having to set them individually(bit convoluted for 5 sites), did look at did he variable &[global["flowcode"]["assignedTeamId"]] that works kind of.. It misses the weight as well as the authorization type. 

any idea / guidense on how to achief this? 


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Hi @Martijn

Could you let me know a little bit more about your requirement.  We do have some planned work around authorisations, but I'm not yet sure if they will meet your requirements.  Do you have multiple people per site that could authorise a request and you would like some sort of round robin to allocated one from each site randomly.  Or are you looking at providing authorisation groups which would contain one person from each site to do the authorisations?

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Hi @Martijn

I'm looking to see if there is some way that we can work with these operations to get closer to what you are looking to do.



To begin with this is looking one team and using the Individual authorisation type, so that only one authorisation from that team is needed.

Now... just need to work in the other teams.


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With the parallel processing if only one from eighter team approves the change it hits 100%, so your correct the question would be who to handle the outcome. 

I think the best approach is to create one team for the approvers, but hat responds differently than i would think it does. 

When i create the request it's assignd to Team A (via Process Cap), the authorization kickes in after the change date has been set.
So in BP i re-assign the request to the Infra Team and the authorisation thereafter. 
looking at the tasks, thoose are assigned to Team A rather that the infra Team, i don't understand that bit.


Authorization Node.png

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