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Incident Process error

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We appear to be receiving an error when attempting to respond to Incidents


The call remains in our New calls queue, even though it has been prioritised/categorised/assigned to an analyst.

Unfortunately, this is having an adverse affect with our breached call figures and is preventing the call progressing


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Hi @Ann-MarieJones

Thanks for the post.  It looks like you are not currently using the latest service manager update, as standard I would advise updating to the latest version and seeing whether that corrects your issue or not.  There have been changes made to this suspendOwner operation in the latest update so if you could update and then let us know if you still receive errors we can investigate further from there.

Kind Regards,


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Thank you David,

We are currently experiencing issues as a result of the last update, which Victor has kindly taken on.  It's with the infrastructure and dev teams for investigation.  I will add the lastest update to our CAB list

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