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Human Task - 9 or more Outcomes cause task to fail to create

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If you add 9 or more Outcomes to a Human Task, the workflow will fail with an error creating the task.


For example below.



In our case we are wanting to use 10 outcomes and subsequent additional outcome fields specific to option chosen, so therefore no able to use outcome field drop down list.




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@Martyn Houghton in regards to the current set-up, if you had the option to use Conditional fields in a tasks custom questions would this remove the need for as many top level outcomes?  i.e outcome could be Application then a Multi Select with all the apps and of each app (using the conditional fields like in Progressive Capture) you could ask linked questions to the selection from the multi-select list?  

Let me know what you think

We are looking to make the conditional fields on tasks and task outcomes available in the coming days 


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