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Widgets - issue with showing the top "x" records


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Hiya, had anyone encountered an issue with widgets where despite setting it to return the top 10 records that the widget returns all records - we've tried manually adjusting the number of records returned to 1 and 11 to see if it made any difference but no. We're currently on build 1385 if that's of any relevance - will most likely be updating to the latest build on Thursday as per our process.

Have attached a example screen shot of the error in our monthly top 10 by service portal widget last month - have had to blank out employee names along one axis however hopefully the issue is clear as there's a lot more than 10 results appearing. I tried recreating the widget from scratch and had the same error.



top 10 filter broken widgets.jpg

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Update. We updated to build 1393 and still having problems with the widget which are set to show the top 10 (or indeed anything as changing the number of records doesn't make any difference). I just can't see anything wrong here and the widgets haven't been changed......




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