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Tavi Ade

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We want to try out the Timesheet Manager but when I attempt tp add the role to my profile I get the following error:


No Rights on application


Does anyone know how to resolve this?



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@Tavi Ade ok great, so you are in the Hornbill Admin Tool.


It appears from the screenshot that you have already associated the 'TimesheetManager User' role to your profile.

When you log into the User App (https://live.hornbill.com/<yourInstanceName>/), can you see the application tile for timesheet manager?


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 12.19.11.png

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@Tavi Ade OK I think I see the problem.

Are you logged in as yourself or with the admin account? The admin account has a role called the 'Super User Role'. If you don't already have the role associated to your account that you are trying to assign, only the super user role can grant it. 

To fix your problem I would suggest logging into the Hornbill Admin Tool as the admin user and then assigning the TimesheetManager user role to your account.



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