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Editing a failed Business Process


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Hi all,

A while ago I stupidly set some human tasks to require 100% completion of checklists despite the task not containing a checklist. This has since been rectified, but there're still a few requests open that were following this incorrectly configured BPM - when attempting to complete the task it throws an error:


It doesn't appear I can bypass this either by deleting the task or using the resolve action.

Is there any other means of progressing this aside from cancelling it?

@Ehsan - I think you had involvement with implementing the 100% completion of checklist requirements so might be something you could assist with?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby,

You should be able to rectify a failed Business Process against a Request, by editing an instance of it. I can walk you through the process.

1) You'll need the Business Process Id for the Request. You can achieve this by running query below:

SELECT h_bpm_id FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_pk_reference = 'INSERT REQUEST REFERENCE HERE'

2) Enable the setting below in Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE]) > System Tile > Settings Tile > Advanced Tile:

  • experimental.feature.bpm.allowinstanceediting
3) Access the option to look-up an active Business Process instance. This can be found in Admin Tool > Hornbill Service Manager Tile > Business Processes Tile (Refer to the arrow in the screenshot below):
4) Copy the Business Process Id that you retrieved in Step 1 and paste it into the designated box:
You should now be able to see the Business Process for the Request by clicking on the Edit Process option in the next pop-up. At this point, you need to locate the Human Task (or a broken Node that is highlighted in Red), un-check the option and then save and restart the instance (As illustrated in the screenshot below):
You can now attempt to complete the task once again, through the Request page. If this approach doesn't work, you'll have to cancel the Request unfortunately and raise it again.
Hope this helps.
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