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Priority and SLA not linked? after update


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Morning all,


I ran the update yesterday for Service Manager, however when changing the priority the SLA is not changing like the update advised?

Have jsut change this call from a P4 to a R3 (P4 is for incidnets with us and its a Service Request call)

The priority has changed  but the SLA hasnt? Is there something i need to turn on in the background?

I was advised by Daniel yesteday when he was in our office that this was going to be in this update?


Many thanks & happy friday!


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Hi Hayley

This feature is not on by default, it is for customers to opt into working in this way. There is a system setting to enable this:


You can apply this in the Admin Console > Service Manager > Settings

There is more info on the wiki which will explain how this works


Under - What happens if I change something in a request, will the SLA and Service Level targets be updated?

But in essence with this setting enabled, and if you have rules defined in your SLA's, these will be auto evaluated on changes to priority, site, customer etc - but unless you have rules defined in your SLA nothing will happen.

Hope this helps



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