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Capture Outcome Fields - using values in BPM

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I am trying to follow your steps from the post below for the 'Capture Outcome Fields' from a Human Task. I have an Outcome in the parent Human Task of 'Select Service' with an outcome of  'Atlas' which then has a outcome field associated with it called 'Catalog' (field name 'AtlasCatalog'.


Outcome Field


I am then trying to use the 'Catalog' value provided in the BPM node to log a new request and use the variable option to insert the value, but it does not appear in the picker.


Where am I going wrong?




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Hi @Martyn Houghton

I have tried a similar set up and it works OK for me.

Against the Completed outcome, I added a new field called Choose a Catalog.

Although in Choose a Catalog capture field, I have set up a Static drop down select box.


The values are inline with the Catalog names against my Service.


I then used the Variable Picker to populate Catalog Item option in Entity > Requests > Log Request > Log New Incident automated task and I can see Choose a Catalog field?


Maybe try to refresh the browser after you've added the custom outcome and then check if it appears in the Variable Picker.

I have attached my example Business Process, in case if it helps?



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