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Prevent bypass of Impact Assessment in BPM


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Hi all,

Part of my incident management BPMs require the analyst to perform an impact assessment, this then calculates the priority and SLA. What I'm finding though is that they're sometimes forgetting to complete the impact assessment. Is there a way to make this mandatory? Ideally I'd prefer to make it a mandatory step to do the impact assessment rather than locking every other action down until it's been completed, but open to ideas?

Thanks in advance

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@dwalby i presume you are using the suspend wait for impact assessment  option in your BPM?  


Obviously with this you can use the Action Focus to show the priority action item where this is present, and as you say the extended option to lock all other actions until this is performed - so in effect making this mandatory. 

Obviously using the suspend await option means the business process will not proceed until this action is performed, which i think is what you are looking to do


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@Steven Boardman - I think this is one of those posts where after posting it I realised I answered my own question within my original post! :D

Yes, I'm using the suspend on Impact Assessment node, but analysts were able to resolve without completing the impact assessment. Essentially locking all the appropriate actions prior to the suspend on Impact Assessment would overcome this.

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