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Import Assets from Support Works

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Hi @Nick Brailsford,

Importing the assets from Supportworks is just like importing then from an SCCM database (which there examples of in the documentation), just the driver, SQL query and mappings will be different :) 

As you're pulling data from Supportworks, the database driver should be:

  • If you're using Supportworks 7.x and Core Services 3.x then set the driver to be swsql
  • If you're using Supportworks 8.x and Core Services 4.x then set the driver to be mysq

I actually wrote the tool, so if you have any questions about the import as you're building your config or running the tool, feel free to tag me in the post and I'll help where I can!


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@Steve Goldthorpe

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply,

What I am looking at to start with is what fields (headers) are required coming from SW into Hornbill, I can generate an SQL statement to bring them out but we don't hold all the required options such as Class.  Would these then need to be classed within SW?  We also have some custom fields within SW.


Are there no examples of others exporting SW data?





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Hi @Steve Goldthorpe


I have imported one class of assets and moved on to the next, however its not importing and i susspect its to do with this and me not understanding / having selected the correct fields :-


"AssetTypes": [
        "AssetType": "Mobile",
        "Query": "AND e.generic = 'mobile'",
        "AssetIdentifier": {
            "DBColumn": "h_name",
            "Entity": "AssetsMobileDevice",
            "EntityColumn": "h_name"


Can you advise please?

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Hi @Nick Brailsford,

From the little "Query" bit I see, I suspect you are importing date from ITHD/ITSMF - where the asset data is stored in the "equipmnt"-table. In this case, the primary ID/unique identifier would be "equipid", so that would be the setting in "DBColumn" (not "h_name").

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Hi @Nick Brailsford

Against an asset within Hornbill there is a supplier ID field within the Financial Information section of an asset (if turned on within the asset type). It says supplier ID, but it seems to be a free text field so at the moment doesn't link to anything else - however - you may already be aware we have Hornbill Supplier Manager coming in the next few weeks so this may then link into the ID of suppliers defined in the new application. 

You can of course update the supplier values against an asset or multiple assets following the release of Supplier Manager if necessary, but I'd recommend trying to keep names consistent to keep any corrections to a minimum in the future. 


Kind regards


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