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Hornbill Academy: Logged Vs Resolved


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During the recent Hornbill Academy Webinar, there was interest in how to create a widget that would display all requests logged Vs those that had been resolved each day. This post illustrates how this can be done using Hornbill Advanced Analytics.

When the sample period is of importance (daily, weekly, monthly etc.), a measure is typically the place to go. In essence, what we are looking to do in this example is create two measures and display them in the same widget.

Creating the measures
The first measure we are going to create is “No. tickets logged per day”. You will need to input the frequency of the measure as daily and ensure you are pulling data from the h_itsm_requests table. Our Date ranging column will need to contain h_datelogged as the measure needs to put the records into the right sample period based on when things were logged. The query where clause will be used to ensure we are only considering records we are interested in. This could simply be h_requesettype=”service request”

The second measure will be used to obtain the “No. tickets resolved per day”. In this case, we will use h_dateresolved in the Date Ranging column. In the Query Where Clause, you may want to use a specific statement to also ensure that only resolved or closed requests are included in the measure. If you don't wish to define this in your statement, the measure will extract all requests that contain a Date Resolved timestamp, regardless of their current status. For example, without definition, the measure could include any request that has been resolved and subsequently reopened, as this would contain a historical Date-Resolved timestamp. When creating your measure, it is important to identify what information you would like to extract from the system and define your Query Where Clause accordingly. 



Building the Widget
Now that we have these two measures, we can now create our widget. A chart-type widget will be suitable for our needs and as we are going to be displaying information gathered by a measure, and we are interested in the sample period, our data type will be "Measured Samples". Multiple measures can be displayed by adding a new series. In our case, our first series will represent our “Requests logged” data (taken from our “No. tickets logged per day” measure) and our second will represent “Requests Resolved” (taken from “No. tickets resolved per day”).




Does it Add Value?
This widget provides three pieces of information, the volume of requests logged per day, the volume of requests resolved per day, and as these are being displayed together you can potentially get a rough idea of how many active calls you would typically expect to have at any one time.

I hope that helps,


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