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Date Formatting in Service Manager


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We pull dates into tasks, which works well apart from the formatting as it shows the whole zulu time (see below) even if the time wasn't asked for or submitted. Could there be an option to include just the date or date and time if other need it?


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@Jeremy are these dates pulled in from progressive capture or custom fields on a request? if so when you are including the variable in the task you can put the date variable inside of square brackets, giving you the following

No square brackets

Custom Date: &[functions.pcf("Change","field_0")]

Resulting in: 

Custom Date: 2018-11-30T21:00:00.000Z

Square Brackets:

Custom Date: [&[functions.pcf("Change","field_0")]]

Resulting in: 

Custom Date: 29-11-2018 03:00

This won't cater for your desire for the date or date / time option but may help with the presentation of the date / time

An option for formatting the date / time displayed could be to use the Date Formatter utility option available under the iBridge in the business process:

Integration Call node > iBridge > Utility > Date Formatter


Date being the variable form PC or custom field

Input format being that of the variable i.e Y-M-d h:i:s

Output being the desired conversion in this example d-M-Y

You can then inject the output value from this integration call into the task field giving you something like this:

Date Formatter: 06-Dec-2018

A useful resource to understand the types of output format you can obtain can be found here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php

Hope some of this helps


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@Jeremy sure you can use the date formatter for the scheduled dates and then inject the output from the date formatter into the task details:

Original Scheduled Start date injected into task details: start: 2018-11-30 02:00:00Z

Date Formatter scheduled start date injected into task details: start: 30-Nov-2018

Hope it helps


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