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Lots of grey space when logging ticket from email


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One of our analysts has pointed out that when logging a request from an email, after confirming the customer name and moving to the summary and description form, there is a hug amount of grey space between the end of the email disclaimer and the end of the description field which means they have to scroll down quite a bit before they get to the previous and next buttons.

This only happens in Chrome which is their preferred browser.  Does this happen for anyone else?



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I've not noticed this myself, but it is possible that the email is formed badly, depending on how and what adds the disclaimer.  

The description field does give the opportunity to clean up any unwanted text before the requests is created.  This helps focus the description to just what is being asked.  If you plan on cleaning up that description later and the user just wants to move through the Summary and Description form quickly, they can use the Tab key to move to the Next button.  2 tabs and an enter and they are on the next form.

We will have a look and see if we can replicate the issue of Chrome and the extra spacing.  



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