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Opened vs Closed Report

Michael Sharp

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Hi all,

I currently run a report to show Opened and Closed Tickets on a Monthly basis.  Is there anyway I can do this with an Analytics Widget?  I can't seem to get the two metrics together unfortunately!  Example below of the exact report I'm trying to replicate/automate.  Further to this, it would be extremely useful if you could use a pre-set scale on the request number e.g. increments of 10, 120 is the top/maximum height so reports can be compared easily.


Regards and thanks,


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On 11/21/2018 at 2:17 PM, Martyn Houghton said:

@Michael Sharp

We use two measures, one for opened and one for closed, which is then displayed on a Data Chart Widget.


Set the Data Type to Measured Samples, then use the 'Add new series' option to add both the Open and Closed measures.




Really useful, thanks very much Martyn!

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